Roman Britain


Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55BC, marking the northernmost outpost of the Roman Empire. The Romans were to change the landscape forever, bringing with them a different way to structuring society and building houses which swept away the traditional wooden and rush huts for more substantial stone structures.

From the odd stretch of arrow straight road to ancient town names like Colchester, London and St Albans you can still see plenty of traces of their 400 year stay on these shores.

Why not visit an ancient Roman palace at Fishbourne near Chichester or the famous Roman Baths at Bath while you soak up the beautiful Georgian architecture.  You can also marvel at the many Roman artefacts in the British Museum from weapons and jewellery to emperor’s coins. 


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Angela L. Batey

Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences & Director of Graduate Studies, School of Music


We were so impressed with Sarah’s ability to handle all our arrangements. Her attention to detail and enthusiasm absolutely made our trip a life-changing experience for our students and alumni. We trusted her completely with our itinerary and we are extremely happy with the result! Unlike other tour companies, Questa listened to our desires for venues, sites to see, education components we wished to include and built our tour exactly to our specifications, rather than giving us a ‘cookie cutter’ tour. The guide’s knowledge was tremendous and perfect for our group. We will never use anyone besides Questa – simply outstanding in every way.

Nancy Nathan

Travel Writer


As a travel veteran — veteran of independent travel, and of tours with large companies and smaller ones — I can unreservedly say that Sarah Reynolds of Questa organized the most enriching and varied trip ever, a unique trip through southeast England tracing the route of Chaucer’s pilgrims to Canterbury.  Questa will apply all of that same devotion to uncovering the historical and cultural detail in planning your own journey. And the fun quotient is ever-present, too.

Dr. Jeff Reynolds

Associate Professor of Music, University of Alabama at Birmingham


I have taken choirs and orchestras to England, Scotland, and Europe for the past 30 years – some 15 of them have been with Sarah Reynolds as our guide.  She has an extraordinary knowledge of the culture, history, art, music, architecture, food, customs – not to mention when the greatest possible traffic kerfuffle will happen and how to avoid it!  She has uncanny organizational skills, fluent in multiple languages, and her sense of humor quickly smooths over any unexpected snafus.  Singers and instrumentalists from my groups that travelled years ago still talk about her – her professionalism and sharp wit.  I would never take a trip to Europe without Sarah and have even altered dates to ensure she could be with us.  The Reynolds’ have my very highest recommendation in tour planning, advising and executing.