London calling

If you’ve never been to London before the top tourist attractions like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey should be on everyone’s wish list.  As Europe’s largest capital city London also has a real depth of places to see from museums and galleries to architecture and theatre as well as plenty of idiosyncratic experiences.

Here are some favourites from our guides:

 Royal Connections

“I dabble in a bit of royal gossip, so love taking guests around the royal sites, as well as the many shops which provide goods to the Royal Family. The Wallace Collection is also a favourite as there are so many gems that once belonged to the French Royal Family.  I find that with walking tours you can really get under the skin of a neighbourhood, and favourite areas include Mayfair, St James and Belgravia – home of upstairs, downstairs living.”
Sophie M

 Kings Cross Architecture

“My current favourite place has to be the Kings Cross neighbourhood.  It used to be a dive (I met my partner there – dancing on a table – in 1999. Good times!) but has been completely reborn.  Stunning new architecture complement the restored Victorian warehouses. I particularly like the old gasholders which have been turned into flats.  But what really makes Kings Cross the place to be right now, is the public spaces between buildings.  This is where the cool kids hang out at the moment.”
Jakob Hartmann

 Green Spaces

“I love to be close to the river. Walking along the banks of the Thames reveals a luminous and theatrical backdrop which recounts our city’s long history. I also love to show off London’s amazing parks, gardens and tree lined squares – did you know 47% of London is green space? And now London is the world’s first urban National Park! Perhaps London’s greatest green space is Kew Gardens. No need to be a gardener to enjoy this amazing collection of fascinating garden buildings; three huge Glasshouses, an art gallery, a royal palace, a Japanese pagoda, a high tree canopy walk, various temples and follies, and of course thousands of majestic trees, fabulous flowers and shrubs and huge swathes of sweeping lawns.”
Isabel Wrench

Historic Gin Craze

“My walking tour exploring the history of the Gin Craze of the 1700s is currently my favourite – it wanders through a really fun part of London and so reveals the hidden history behind streets people normally just enjoy for eating and shopping, and also is jam-packed full of fascinating and funny stories.”
Alfie Talmanc

 It’s only Rock n’ Roll, but I Like it

“My favourite London highlight is Soho, the birthplace of British Rock n’ Roll, but it’s also the unexpected places that can delight.  When London’s streets were closed for a huge bike ride, we quickly decided to change our programme around and ended up walking along the canals: Little Venice’s houseboats, the villas in Regent’s Park and the lively, trendy Camden Market enthralled my guests more than the planned major sites!”
Theresa Hunt